The Difference Between A Boss and a Leader — 3 Tips!

Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

The Difference Between A Boss and a Leader — 3 Tips!

The Difference Between a Boss and a Leader — 3 Tips!

Every leader is a boss, but not every boss is a leader. What’s the difference between a boss and a leader? It all comes down to how you do it.

A boss is in charge because of his or her position and title. He may be the company owner, or a senior level manager. Usually, a boss has years of experience and familiarity with the job, which are great assets to bring to a job. What truly determines the success of the team working with him or her, though, is not how much they know about the tasks to be done, but how they lead the people on their team.

A leader learns the tasks and familiarizes himself with the process, but the secret he knows that sets him apart and makes him successful is that he sees his team as the most valuable resource in his workflow.

Here are 3 ways a leader inspires his team and earns the respect that distinguishes him as a leader and a boss.

1. Focus on Solutions. A leader inspires the people he works with. When they face a problem, the leader focuses his team members on fixing the problem, not on fixing blame.

2. Use Your Team’s Talents. A leader recognizes the gifts and talents of his team members and assigns them tasks based on those strengths whenever possible. When a team member brings forward a suggestion, a leader listens with an open mind.

3. Invest in Their Development. A good leader mentors and trains the people he works with, coaching others every chance he gets. This not only strengthens the team as a whole, but strengthens the whole company.

Being a leader is a deliberate choice, and it’s one that impacts the entire team in a positive way. People work longer for a person that they trust and respect, and ultimately everyone wins as good leadership means the team is more happy, productive and successful.

Tools to Help You Build Your Leadership Skills

Looking for ways to grade your current leadership ability and target growth based on your potential? I recommend the DISC (What’s Your Color?) Leadership Report. This test takes about ten minutes and identifies your leadership strengths as well as potential that’s not being leveraged and opportunities for growth. The step-by-step results show leaders exactly what to do — and stop doing — to unleash their team’s potential and maximize personal effectiveness.

Ingrid Kelada

Owner of KCC Positive Business Psychology & Happiness Expert

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